Natural Therapies

Ayurveda & Siddha

Sarvapishti is a unique ayurvedic formulation based on the principle of "nutrient energy", developed by Dr. S.S. Trivedi and Dr.U.S. Tiwari after several decades of research.


Since their introduction, many improvements have been made to the quality and construction of rebounders. Spring size, shape, and durability have improved greatly over time

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healers of all kinds are present in all parts of India, in the remotest village, atop mountains and in rain forest jungles.Cancer patients can avail the services of these healers too.

Natural Therapies

Taking fresh vegetable and fruit juices is perhaps an easier and simpler way of ingesting raw food. Gerson Therapies recommends that cancer patients take 13 glasses of fresh juice each day.

Cancer and Health Coaching

Cancer and Health Coaching

As a trained naturopath I firmly believe that your body has the ability to heal, if given the proper nutrients and care. Natural healing requires dedication and patience. Even terminally ill patients can alleviate their suffering by following a simple dietary regimen.

Food Supplements

Double Stem Cell, an amazing food supplement based on stem cell technology, is now available in India through select distributors. A product of Phyto Science company, it has helped thousands of cancer patients and others with serious chronic illnesses.