I cannot answer health questions via email.

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If you have a story about healing cancer with nutrition and natural therapies, it would be great to share it with the whole world. This website is an ideal place to share your journey.

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A friendly piece of advice

Patients and their families often contact me when the patient is on his/her deathbed and chemotherapy has failed miserably. They expect naturopathy and natural therapies to deliver miracles at this stage.

I am sorry to say that at this stage natural therapies cannot save a patient’s life. Prayer and spiritual healing is what I would recommend to such patients and families.

If you have serious health problems directly caused by surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, or prescription drugs I cannot give you any guarantee that switching over to natural therapies will resolve all these health problems. Chemotherapy, surgery, radiation and prescription drugs change a person’s internal anatomy and body chemistry. However, the good news is that there are cancer survivors in India ( and in the rest of the world) who beat the odds and bounced back to health and life after adopting a healthy lifestyle, natural plant-based diet and perhaps some herbal/ayurvedic/sidha medicines.

If you want a cancer patient (relative, friend, colleague, neighbor) to know and benefit from natural therapies and the options available to him/her, please direct them to my site. If the information here appeals to them and their family and they want to make the switch over to natural therapies and healing, then they should contact me.

I am deeply involved with organic farmers all over India and often travel to conduct training programs with farmers and commercial plantations. Therefore I have chosen not to answer health questions via random e-mails any more.

The best way to have your questions answered and find out what options are available for you or your loved one, in the realm of natural therapies and natural healing , is to book a coaching call with me.This way you will be assured of my full and focused attention.

Thank you and God bless!

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