If you are a cancer survivor who healed cancer with nutrition and natural therapies then you are welcome to share your story here!

Please submit your story below and when it is approved it will become a part of the Natural Cancer Survivors section of this site

( As the moderator I reserve the right to be selective, else spammers will post all sorts of crazy stuff unrelated to health and healing on this site)

Note: Your story needs to be a success story. Stories of patients who still have cancer and who are still undergoing treatment will not be entertained. You should have been cancer free for a year or more ideally.

Some posts may not be approved if I feel they do not match the spirit of this site. I also reserve the right to edit your post and to compress it.

Stories from all over the world are welcome on this website.



There are five basic question fields listed below that you need to fill in. The greater the details given by you, the better it will be for all of us to understand your healing journey. Please be specific about your journey, your protocols, your diet, what nutritional supplements you took, whether you also underwent spiritual healing etc. If you have a website, blog or book feel free to link to it. Please upload a (smiling) photo of yourself. A picture is after all worth a million words!

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