India has nearly three million cancer patients and nearly one million new cases of cancer are reported every year. The disease is sweeping India’s metro cities, towns and villages. Lung and oral cancers are the most common among men while cervix, breast and ovarian cancer are striking more and more Indian women. Nearly 500,000 people die of cancer each year in India. Doctors say the causes of such a high incidence of cancer may be both internal like genetic, hormonal and poor immune conditions as well as external or environmental like food habits, industrialization, over growth of population and lifestyle.

Although there are 27 dedicated cancer hospitals in India, the country’s medical establishment is ill equipped to treat the rapidly rising numbers of cancer patients. Many patients are rejected by the big cancer hospitals and told to go home. They return home but linger on, their family desperate to seek some succour in alternative healing therapies.  Gradually awareness about a healthy lifestyle and diet is dawning, but sufferers do not know whom to turn to for guidance in these matters. Urban patients are realizing that organic food will help them in recovering from the disease, but where to source this organic food from? The helplessness, desperation and ignorance of cancer patients and their families on the one hand and a desire to reach out for succour to natural therapies, inspired me to create this website.

The "slash and burn" method ( surgery and radiation) of allopathic medicine does little to arrest the spread of the disease in patients with poor immunity and poorer diets. Natural therapies, including ayurveda, siddha, naturopathy and yoga, offer a viable alternative to treatment by chemotherapy. A handful of patients have been able to heal themselves by recourse to these natural therapies. If cancer is detected in its early stages, it can be treated successfully with natural therapies and the patient can live a normal lifespan in good health.

According to Andreas Moritz, the three major causes of cancer are i) cellular congestion and improper elimination ii) lack of  Vitamin D and iii) lack of sleep at night. In other words, a faulty lifestyle, a faulty diet and  congested liver predispose one to cancer.  Cleansing the liver and bile ducts is perhaps the simplest but the most powerful thing a person can do to improve liver function and thereby reduce the chance of developing cancer.  Quitting tobacco smoking and chewing as well as refraining from eating pan masala and gutka will reduce the risk of oral and lung cancers. Avoiding a high cholesterol and high protein diet and refraining from taking products ( mostly milk products)  laced with hormones will help women greatly in keeping their ovaries, cervix and breasts healthy and cancer free.

from the holistic point of view there are three major causes of cancer 1) DIET 2) LIFESTYLE 3) ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS. By making a radical change in one's diet and moving away from environmental pollution (including electronic pollution) one can recover from cancer as several plucky cancer survivors have shown. This may involved major life and career decision, such as a decision to relocate to a less polluted town / area and to take up a new job OR change one's career in mid life !

The survival rate of cancer patients can improve dramatically if they pay attention to their daily diet and spend more money and time in preparing and eating healing foods that have been grown organically. Eating fibre rich and chlorophyll rich foods will aid in natural elimination as will periodic fasting. Exposure to sunlight will aid the body in producing its own vitamin D and “early to bed and early to rise” will help the body's metabolism to function properly. It is hoped that the all-India organic directory will help readers in sourcing organic food.

Nature has provided us with innumerable healing foods and herbs.  However, merely eating these food and herbs will do little to heal  a patient unless and until spiritual healing also takes place simultaneously.  Cancer is more often seen in people who harbour deep resentment and negative thoughts.  Forgiveness, self-love and self-acceptance is perhaps the first step in this spiritual healing. Meditation and recourse to healing modalities like reiki, pranic healing, spirit healing is a sine qua non of the healing journey.

Sunlight, air, water and earth can heal the human body. But for this we will have to slow down and be in contact with these elements. Putting aside all electronic media ( TV, computers, mobile phones etc) and living in pollution free, natural surroundings with loving, positive  thoughts can greatly aid the healing process. There are a few ayurvedic, siddha and naturopathic hospitals and centres in India where this can be done. Here’s wishing that more patients and their families have knowledge and access to these natural healing therapies, centres and resources in the coming years. Let there be natural healing and abundant organic food for all!  

Peace, love and light.